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New Year's Resolution: July

Its 9.49pm and I'm writing this post rather quickly having left the whole 'writing my monthly blog post' a little late this month. It's therefore going to be a little short...

My challenge for June was to cook and eat a different meal every night of the week. I thought this would be a really good challenge to try and complete to ensure that food never gets 'boring' and 'same old same old'. Instead, this challenge made me realise the following:

1) In June I didn't actually need to cook that much due to being away a lot

2) I go out to restaurants quite a lot, especially in summer when the weather is better

3) Soulmate foods do good dinners (not only just lunches and snacks!)

4) Try to move house causes you to cook less

I did technically complete the challenge I set myself. I ate about 6 to 7 different evening meals mainly from the Lean in 15 The Shift Plan by Joe Wicks which is my absolute go to book. I think I bought it for a bargain of 7 quid from Amazon, 100% worth it IMO!


Right onto July. I'm really honoured to be part of the 18 strong England Squad out in South Africa hoping to qualify for the World League Finals. 95% of July will therefore be spent in South Africa - lucky me!

July's goal is simple and small.

To take a photo a day in July and will share these on my next blog post.

My memory is pretty rubbish and I always forget what I've done actually done yesterday. Hopefully by doing this will help me remember my July being spent in South Africa.

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