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Shona has a passion for hockey and wants to share that passion with those who love her sport too. She is keen to help the next generation of hockey players and offers a range of coaching sessions which can be tailored to all ages, abilities and group sizes. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or group masterclasses, Shona can create a coaching experience to meet your needs. All sessions include signed autograph cards for every participant and photo opportunities with Shona and her Olympic Gold Medal.
For more details, or to discuss booking a coaching session, please contact Furyan Sports Management at jesse@furyansport.com
"Shona was one of our guests at Live Sport Talks in March 2017. She was a very eloquent speaker and really engaged with the audience, sharing some great stories from Rio and gave the audience real insight into life as an Olympian"
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To get to the peak of her sport, Shona has had to learn the powers of motivation, how to handle pressure and how high performance teams work. At just 26 years of age, Shona continues to sustain a world class attitude to everything she sets her mind to which is a lesson we could all learn from. Her life experiences learning these skills are what she uses when speaking publicly to primary and secondary schools, businesses, amateur hockey clubs or at events/conferences.
For more details, or to discuss booking Shona for your event please contact Furyan Sports Management on jesse@furyansport.com