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Shona McCallin, a British hockey player, began playing at the age of six and has since risen quickly through the ranks of elite international players.


As a child Shona had a background in multiple sports before opting to devote her entire attention to hockey at the age of 14. She is confident, looking back, that participating in multiple sports greatly aided her development as an athlete, both physically and psychologically. Shona frequently discusses the value of a multisport childhood and the risks of early sport specialisation when she visits schools.


Shona made her England U16 debut at the age of 15, then played for England U16 and U18 teams before leading England and Great Britain U21s to a Junior World Cup and Youth Olympic Games.


Currently a senior level international, McCallin has participated in two Olympic Games and won medals in both. She resides outside of London and trains full-time with the English national team. During the Rio Olympic Final, a momentous night for Great Britain Hockey, she made her 50th international appearance for Great Britain and England. With over 10 million viewers tuning in to BBC 1, the team made history by winning Great Britain's first-ever Olympic gold medal in women's hockey. She remarkably made her 100th international appearance at the Tokyo Olympics, where Great Britain went on to win a bronze medal, their third straight Olympic medal in women's hockey. Shona was part of the England team that won their first ever Commonwealth Gold medal in Birmingham in the summer of 2022, adding to her European and Olympic titles.


Shona enjoys spending her free time working on her company, The Ten Percent Club, and visiting schools with the Mintridge Foundation. Shona's eyes were opened to the close relationship between the mind, body, mental, and physical wellness as a result of a string of injuries. What may be useful here? Cognitive enhancers and functional mushrooms. The Ten Percent Club supplements, which are based on science and natural ingredients, will help your brain and body to function optimally.


Shona is a positive, active ambassador for a few select companies that she cares about. Go to the Partners page for more information, including exclusive discount codes, or click here. If you'd like to work with Shona, please fill out the form below.

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