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"No pain, no gain, just shut up and train"

I’m writing this blog feeling pretty sleepy after a long, demanding week of training.

No two weeks are ever the same for us at Bisham Abbey. They all have different focus points and objectives. Some weeks we lift heavier, some weeks we run harder, some weeks we put more focus on technical work and some are more tactically focussed.

This week, amongst many meetings, we trained hard and pushed our fitness hard. Tuesday and Thursday we were treated to extra fitness sessions post training - running or biking. Myself, Ashleigh Ball and Georgie Twigg were pushed to our max on a Watt Bike and generated a lot of lactate in our legs. It hurt so so much but the feeling of succeeding and achieving together with teammates soon makes you forget the pain.

This weekend I am off to Germany. I have packed all the essentials and am ready for training and 2 games vs Germany which I’m sure will be a competitive affair. The last time I played Germany in a GB shirt was in the Olympic Qualifier back in June 2015. We managed a 1-0 win thanks to some heroics from Maddie Hinch in goal that ultimately sealed our qualification for Rio. What an emotion that was.

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