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Part 1 - You've Goat To Be Kidding Me

We all enjoy delicious food.

It makes us happy and fixes our mood.

A great dish, we should all savour.

Eat slowly as we taste the flavour.

I love food and it plays a big part in my life. I love cooking it. I love buying it. I love eating it. I often joke with a friend that our days just revolve around food. Having said this, I don't actually know what my favourite food is...I think it's probably breakfast. By the time I wake up I'm often hungry so appreciate the flavour a bit more. I think the key to food is to keep it varied. Just experiment. Find a new reciepe, buy something new. Don't get stuck in one of those food ruts where you just make the same recipes week in week out....


Back in 2013, or 2014 I was having a few issues with my food. Bloating was becoming a bit of an issue which started to affected my training and performance. We are lucky to work with a nutritionist at GB Hockey who sat me down and went through what I was eating and and when in order to try and determine a little pattern. By looking at my food diary, it was noted I was consuming a ton of diary. Yoghurt for breakfast, milk in my protein shakes and cottage cheese for snacks. I cut down on the dairy, tried soya milk and other plant-based products but I just didn't quite enjoy the taste as much - it was a bit synthetic. At a local Tesco, I came across St Helen's Farm Yoghurt. It's similar to normal yoghurt, with a natural taste and good nutritional content (low sugar, high in protein), but is made with goats milk rather than cows milk. Since using their products, I've seen and felt a big change. Digestion seems a little easier and the products just seems so much gentler on my stomach.

I was lucky enough to head up to York, on a rare sunny day this Spring, and visit St Helens Farm. I wanted hear, see and feel what it was all about at St Helens Farm. The goats, as marketed, are happy and healthy. It was instantly clear how all the employees worked tirelessly to ensure all the goats are well looked after and stay happy and healthy. I saw (and tried!) the whole range of products available included the new Chocolate Ice Cream - dreamy!

I'm excited to team up with a company that is driven and whose values match mine. Watch this space for more news, photos and reciepe about my partnership with St Helens Farm!


If you want to know more about St Helens Farm, their values, products or need some new genuinely good recipes, head over to their website by clicking here

A brief summary of the benefits of goats milk products over cows milk products:

  1. Healthy and natural - Enjoying natural goats’ milk helps you feel happier inside and out. All St Helen’s Farm products are produced in the gentlest way possible to keep the great taste and all their natural goodness.

  2. Creamy and delicious - No more missing out on cheesy treats, ice cream puds, or a frothy, milky coffee! Goats’ milk tastes refreshingly light and creamy and is just as versatile as cows’ milk and can be used in hot drinks, cereals and cooking with great results.

  3. Great for your gut! - Taking care of your gut is vital for your health and well-being. Goats’ milk is easy to digest and contains four times as much of the pre-biotic oligosaccharide which help to feed you good gut bacteria.

  4. High in protein and nutrients - Goats’ milk is naturally high in protein, provides calcium for strong bones and contains phosphorus which helps your body to produce energy for your busy day ahead!

  5. Feel great - Don’t just put up with the discomfort caused by products that don’t suit you. Shona and many others have found that switching to St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk products helped to improve their wellbeing and regain the enjoyment of life.

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