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Me and my #PB

PB..... What does that mean to you?

For the race enthusiasts, it probably means 'personal best.'

For the American food loving individuals it may mean peanut butter.

For the science lovers and periodic table geeks, Pb refers to the element of lead.

For me, it's all of the above plus Perform Better - company going somewhere. See this handy little graphic to learn more about them and what they got up to in 2018!

PerformBetter are 'the elite sporting destination for some of the industry’s best sport and performance monitoring equipment'. In other words, a very handy company if you're looking for some very good and useful sports performance equipment. Clients of theirs include some of the very best; Arsenal (the best!), Chelsea, Welsh Rugby, Manchester United and St Georges Park - the home of England Football. Not a bad client list. Im really chuffed to be their first ever Olympian Ambassador!

How did the link with PerformBetter come about? I'm a bit of an analyser when it comes to sport and life. I'm not ashamed to admit that often my favourite part of football is either watching the warm ups and compare them to hockey warm ups or the half/full time analysis. I like to know the why's behind doing things and pinch any idea's that could either make me a better person or performer. PerformBetter also like to know why and create solutions and products to answer the why's.


Since teaming up with the brand, I'm really enjoying working with some really good people who bring knowledge, energy and passion to their work and strive for constant improvement. As an athlete I never want to plateau. I want to constantly improve and reach my potential. Ive been using their handy little mini bands (like 26,310 other people according to the graphic!) during my 2018 rehab to help everything tick over.

Here's a little video of some of the exercises Ive been doing to activate certain muscle groups and maintain strength - mainly all the small muscles around shoulders and hips glutes. After a rough 2018 (cheers concussion), Im hoping 2019 will bring more happiness, healthiness and to get back to my best on a hockey pitch.


For the latest on Perform Better, follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or check out their website with loads of blog and research pieces on all things training and recovery. Use the code "ShonaPB" for exclusive online discount on the whole Perform Better UK range.

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