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New Years Resolution: December (the final one!)

I'm writing one of my final blog posts of 2017 from a sunny New Zealand. I've been here 3 weeks and counting. Our trip in NZ can certainly be described as an up and down experience (as tournaments usually are) but a good learning opportunity all the same. Learning and developing as a group, both on and off the pitch, is crucial with the Commonwealth Games and a Home World Cup in London on the horizon in 2018.

As promised in my previous blog (found here), I have taken a video a day to document November. Initially it was hard to remember to take a video each day (thanks to my awful memory) but by the end of the month I was well into it.

I had a little help...okay a lot....from chief video editor Will Moulton. Here is what (he) has produced. Hope you enjoy!

P.s If you want to know more about Will and his work, take a look here


It's time for the final challenge of 2017! I already know I'm going to find it a tough one (especially with all the turkey around) however I'm intrigued to see what new and wonderful foods I can discover.

Decembers goal is small and simple.

Go meat free for a week.

I'm going to cheat a little and go meat free for a total of 1 week in December rather than 1 week in a row. I did toy with the idea of doing 'meat free Mondays' until I realised Christmas day fell on a Monday.... absolutely no chance!

Setting myself simple challenges to complete each month has been a worthwhile and enjoyable task to complete in 2017 - I'd definitely recommend it over one overriding New Years Resolution. Some, admittedly, have not been that worthwhile but three that I hope to take with me into 2018 are:

1) to continue to try to have one coffee a day

2) to read more books

3) to write a memory down a day

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