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New Years Resolution: November

Todays date: 1st November 2017. Not sure how, but it is.

November means colder days, darker afternoons and those wonderful people who start to talk about Christmas even before Halloween has passed....


October was a busy, fun month. A few things that I got up to....

1) Delivered 19 assemblies to 19 different primary schools meeting over 3,000 children in the process

2) Watched Arsenal twice and watched them win twice

3) Returned from a sunny (27 degrees) 4 day break in Malaga feeling refreshed and recharged

4) Had my hair cut (finally!)

5) Bossed my way through my PT qualification which was my October challenge (read it here). Not quite finished but a lot closer than at the start of the month

6) Opened an Aldi store whilst my Gran did her shopping there #AldisuperfanGran


A few days ago I found out I'll be part of an 18 strong England squad heading over to New Zealand for the World League Finals. There's 8 very, very strong teams all vying to take home the World League Finals trophy, which is the final tournament of 2017. More information about the teams, matches and tournament format can be found here. All games will be shown live on BT Sport in the UK too, albeit at very random times as Aukland is 13 hours ahead of London.

Lots of November, for me, will therefore be spent in New Zealand in a hotel with my team mates. My New Years Resolution has to kind of fit in with this so I had a think and came up with the following.

November's goal is small and simple.

Take a video a day.

Come December 1st I hope to have a nice little video montage of November which I'll post on my website. Any budding video editors out there, feel free to get in touch if you want an editing job!

Now, December is my last resolution of the year and if I'm honest I've run out of idea's. I need help. Any ideas you may have for a small and simple challenge I can set myself for December will be much appreciated.

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