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Everyone loves a bargain, right?

Everyone loves a bargain and to save a few pennies here and there right? I certainly do. Food shopping is done at an overly busy Lidl or Aldi, I forgo my Boots advantage card points to buy toiletries from Wilkos and often go straight to the sale section in Zara. Also.... 50 toilet rolls for a tenner, yes please Groupon!

I used to live in The Netherlands and they use the following saying: 'goedkoop is duurkoop.' It basically means you get for what you pay for. Sometimes, it's just better to pay those extra few pennies for an item or service. You'll be saving in the long run.


Here's a list of a few items I've found you really can't scrimp on. You've really gotta pay that extra bit for that extra quality!

1) Bin bags -> Get the proper ones, yep the ones with the yellow drawstrings not the cheap, thin ones! I'm speaking from experience here. A split bin bag is not something fun.

2) Toilet roll -> Has to have a minimum discussion

3) Shoes -> These things carry you around all day. Pay that extra bit to protect yourself and your poor feet

4) Washing up liquid -> I've got a thing about bubbles when I'm washing up - there needs to be lots of them in water. I do not want to look into a dirty bowl of water

5) Coffee -> Sainsbury's basic instant coffee is, lets be honest, not going to be the one

6) For the girls, hair grips -> You know what I mean if you've bought a pack and ever single one becomes loose and limp after one use

7) Electronics -> It's not to say you need to spend hundreds and hundreds but electronics are generally pretty important things in our lives. We often depend on them so it's worth to spend that extra bit to have a reliable TV or laptop

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