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New Year's Resolution: August

The end of the month has come around again meaning it's time to think of a new resolution for the upcoming month....

July has literally flown by - probably as I spent 95% of it in Joburg at the Hockey World League Semi Finals. This was a trip I was apprehensive going into for two reasons. First reason, I had no idea where we, England, would stand against other teams. It's been a transitioning period after Rio and this was to be our first big tournament against some big teams. Reason number two, I've never been on such a long trip before. Most of the longer trips are usually a little over 2 weeks - this one was to be closer to a month. A month in a city where safety isn't the highest was a little apprehensive.

My new years resolution for July was to take a photo a day to remind myself of the month. I did forget to take one on one day - see if you can spot which day. Barring no technical hitches they should be shown below in a little slideshow with a description. Click or hover over the images to bring them up as a slide show plus a little description.


It's August 1st and I'm writing this blog wondering how August has come around so quick... Where has the year gone? I've been having a think about what to challenge myself with in August and have come up with the following. For some people this will be a piece of cake. For others (if you know you know), like myself, it will be challenging.... #addict

August's goal is simple and small.

To give up eating peanut butter from a spoon out the jar.

Some may laugh and this and some may understand (especially if you are a fellow peanut butter addict). I know I'm not the only one who does this. Some light googling brought up some interesting findings such as finding a Peanut Butter Addiction Anonymous Group on Facebook and many articles claiming why it is 'healthier' to eat it from a spoon...

The challenge also applies to Nutella and all other forms of nut butters. I chose this as it;s a habit I want to try and get rid off not only for my waistline and calorie intake but also my bank account - peanut butter is expensive when you can go through one jar a week.

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