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Turning 25 years old 18/05/2017

It's my birthday this week and I'm turning 25.

I've decided to write a blog all about the number 25 and share 25 things I've learnt in life over the years.

25. What does that age actually mean?

Well, I'm smack bang in the middle of my 20s and officially half way to 50 (gulp).

25 is definitely an adult age. I haven't just left University anymore.

25 is too old for the 18-24 demographic group and too old for a young persons rail card and all the lovely discount I used to get.

25 is an age I can finally now rent a car hassle free, no more underage fees, horaaah!

Now to 25 things I've learnt over the years:

1) I really want a kitten

2) Don't put all your eggs in one basket

3) Made In Chelsea will forever be my guilty TV watching pleasure

4) Life goal: be happy and healthy

5) Heated seats in my MINI are sooooo nice

6) Plan nice things to look forward to in life - holidays, dinners out, coffee dates

7) A Samsung phone camera is better than an iPhone camera

8) There's time in life for everything - it's about prioritising

9) I need a holiday at least once a year

10) I'm addicted to chocolate

11) Make up is very overpriced

12) Volunteer if you can. It's very fulfilling

13) You can't beat watching elite level sport live

14) Small things make the big difference in life

15) Some people are d*ckheads

16) I may be 25 but still regularly get ID'd for being 18...

17) Write lists. It's so satisfying ticking them off

18) Manners don't cost a thing. Remember that people!

19) I love reading sports autobiographies

20) An afternoon nap can solve many problems

21) Never EVER go food shopping hungry

22) Trust instincts more. They're usually right

23) There is a (rude) acronym for MBE that my cousin, and some team mates, like to call me. Work it out if you want.

24) Emails are annoying. Call me.

25) Golf can be really frustrating

If you want to add to this list, feel free to comment below. As I say, sharing is caring!


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