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New Year's Resolution: May

How it is the 5th month of 2017 already? Is this year going fast for anyone else or just me?

April's goal of 15 minutes of stretching a day and no social media after 8.30pm was 50% achieved.

The stretching part...big tick

The social media part...definitely not a big tick

The start of the month started well. I stayed off social media post 8.30pm for the first week or so. I found the best trick was to just pop my phone in another room, out of site, so there was no temptation to look at it. It then it all went down hill and I went back to old habits of half watching TV whilst scrolling the likes of Twitter, Facebook and the Daily Mail app. Not all the time but more nights than most.

Try the challenge yourself and see if you can do better than me... onto the next resolution it is then.


When I was trying to think of a New Years Resolution for May, I wanted to write about something the majority of people can relate too and that would be a relatively small change in my life. Coffee is something that a lot of us love. It makes us sociable, it wakes us up and it can definitely give us a much needed boost before a training session! I don't drink a lot of coffee but I'm drinking a lot more than I did 12 months ago. My resolution for May is coffee related.

May's goal is simple and small.

To limit myself to one coffee a day.

For those who don't drink coffee, this will seem easy. For those that drink upwards of 4 or 5 a day, you'll know the challenges that I (may) face this month. I've stocked up on some tea's ready for my mid morning coffee substitute and am committed to not buying any more Nespresso capsules until May is over to prevent any temptation.

During May I will also find out more about the current GB Women's hockey squads coffee habits and coffee tips and hope to share them with you in my next blog in June.

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