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Me, My Nutrition and I

I recently partnered up with the extremely lovely people at Pipers Farm. Together we have worked hard and formed my very own signature meat box. It contains loads of yummy meats that I use regularly to help fuel my training.

To find out more about our partnership, what my go to cheat meal is and my cooking tips, read the interview below.

Enjoy! x

Why is nutrition important to you?

Every day I'm out pushing myself and my limits. It's so important to have the right amount of fuel in me and more importantly the right quality. Excellent nutrition helps fuel sessions so you can push harder during and helps you recover more quickly so you can go again the next day. Eating also makes me happy!

What do you eat pre-match?

Meridian Crunchy Peanut butter, banana and 2 pieces of toast with a coffee. This fills me up and makes me feel energised and ready to go.

What does your post training recovery meal look like?

I always have a snack quite soon post training to get my carbohydrates and protein in. This is important to recover for the next session. A snack could be a banana, a protein shake or some oatcakes. Meal wise, I need a mix of carbs, protein and fruit and veg. It could be a beef stir fry with lots of flavour, fresh ginger, chilli and vegetables.

Favourite ‘cheat’ meal?

I love chocolate so that's my cheat snack. Meal wise – probably a burger and chips, I like GBK but rarely go.

What’s your favourite meal?

Definitely breakfast as I'm usually starving. I love large free range scrambled eggs on toast with a sprinkle of chilli.

What’s your signature recipe?

A lamb stew cooked in a slow cooker. Red wine, rosemary, a bit of chilli and tons of lamb and vegetables. Amazing way to warm up in winter too.

Do you have any cooking tips?

Keep it varied and also cook in bulk. Then you can easily have leftovers for lunch later on in the week or pop it back in the freezer and have it when you're short of time. My diet consists of lots of healthy grains for my carbohydrate source, lean protein for muscle repair and fruit and vegetables to keep my body healthy.

How do you like your steak?

Medium, ideally with some chips too!

How much meat do you eat in a typical week?

I try to have one meat-free day a week and enjoy trying to find new recipes which will give me an alternative source of protein. I like to swap meat for fish too and eat salmon which has lots of good omega 3s in. I do love a good Sunday roast though!

Do you have any nutrition tips?

Little and often, drink plenty of water, plan ahead so you don’t get hungry and choose a packet of crisps to snack on. Keep it varied too, experiment with spices such as garlic, chilli, ginger and don’t buy ready-made sauces!

How did you first hear about us?

Talking to a friend who is a nutritionist.

Why is sustainable meat production important to you?

Coming from a farming background I fully understand the hard work it requires to run a farm. Making sure a farm runs sustainably and for the long run was always important. Sustainability also ensures quality over quantity. As an athlete my diet is so crucial in how I perform – the higher the quality I put in, the higher the quality I get out of myself.

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