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New Years Resolution: January "Small things make the big difference"

Whether it be in day to day life or training for an Olympic Games, small things really do make the big difference - a smile, a please or a thank you here and there, or the ability to go that extra few meters more than your opponent.

I’ve decided to carry this motto all the way through 2017 with me in order to get the best out myself, my life and those around me. How? At the beginning of each month I will set, and blog about, a goal I want to achieve. It will be small and attainable with the right mind-set and persistence.

January’s goal is simple and small.

To complete a Headspace meditation each day

Since the Olympic Games, I’ve fallen away from my weekly routine which has been really refreshing however I am ready to get back into a routine again! Pre Rio I used Headspace a lot to help with my training, concentration and general wellbeing and I feel it’s time to pick it back up again.

The idea behind setting 12 achievable goals is that each year I usually set a New Years Resolution, and like many of us, often forget about then come February time. I hope the variety this year will keep me motivated and focussed.

1 goal set, 11 new goals to set. I have the rest of the month to think about February’s goal however if you have any suggestions, please pop them in the comment box below. Any suggestions whatsoever – whether it be about your New Years Resolutions or about small changes you have made in your life which have made a big difference.

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