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What really goes on at the Olympic Games...

Its been a month since we won GB women's first ever Gold Medal and created history. I really don't know where that month has gone!

If I’d have made a wish before we went out to Rio about what I wanted to happen it would have been the following:

-> Win 7 games in a row

-> Reach the final and meet The Netherlands

-> Win the final 5-0

Not quite what happened but very close to what actually happened! Im still in dreamland. It’s crazy to look back at how well it went for us. For me it was all about the whole team. The whole team pulling together, bringing what we needed to to the pitch, executive tactics down to a T and leaving absolutely nothing on the pitch.

To celebrate it being exactly a month ago winning gold, Ive decided to write a blog that gives you an insight on what actually goes on at the Olympics, a kind of behind closed doors access.


1) You get exposed to all sorts of weird and wonderful training methods. Nic White and I came across these boxers from Kazakstan... this carried on for a good 5 minutes.


2) It gets fairly windy in Rio as Nic White and I found out. One morning in the dining hall (which is absolutely massive!!!), the wind really picked up, created a lot of noise and also a lot of uncertainty about whether or not it would actually survive. Quite a few athletes made a run for it; we played it cool and decided to take a video.


3) The olympic village is very big. From the GB block to the dining hall and back was 2km. If you were lucky, there might have been some bikes left at the front of the GB block. Some of my flat found it a much easier and less tiring way to travel round!


4) At any opportunity we WILL sing our favourite know how it goes ;) And if you don't then you should! Starts off with something like "GB's on fire" and ends in "na na na na na na na na". This video was taken on the night we won gold...


5) Some crazy outfits were on show at the closing ceremony. Of course we wanted to try them so managed a few swaps. Bottom right my personal favourite


6) It was true about the baggage at Heathrow. Absolute! It got to the stage where someone with a megaphone would go round each bag and shout the name of the athlete. Not what we needed after a long flight and a couple small, tiny, teeny, weeny of glasses of champagne.

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