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Want to know what's in my kitbag?

Shona McCallin, England Hockey and Great Britain Hockey athlete, has a few things she can't leave home without while traveling the world for games and tournaments. The international hockey star lays out her training must-haves, go-to snacks and favourite products.

Foam Roller: It's a travel size so it doesn't take up too much space in my bag, which is really handy. I use it to maintain flexibility and reduce muscle soreness whilst away.

Protein Shaker: After hard training sessions or games, I always have a protein shake to aid recovery for my next session or game.

Tangle Teaser: I never go away without my trusty tangle teaser. My hair gets easily knotty. By far and away this is the best hairbrush I've ever used. My roommate, Hollie Webb, and I both love it.

Stallion 800: I like to play with a lighter but powerful stick so I really like using theStallion 800. As a midi my coaches ask that I do a lot of different things on the pitch and the 800 gives me the flexibility to play both attack and defence when needed.

Perfume: I have a thing about smelling good so I always bring my favourite Chloe perfume with me.

Compression Leggings: These are great to help recovery, especially if we have back-to-back games, which is often the case at tournaments.

Lacrosse Ball: This is great to roll my calves and the bottom of my feet. If you haven't tried this you should - it feels really good. I do it to keep my reoccurring ankle injuries at bay.

Peanut Butter: A must! But it has to be crunchy not smooth. I love peanut butter and will always take it away with me. I'll have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks... I'm not bothered!

Sweatbands: I'll often wear one on my right wrist when playing, especially if it's hot. I like the pink ones as they match my shoes.

For Shona, traveling with equipment to help her stay ready for a demanding road schedule is very important. For more tips on how to keep your body healthy or jump back from an injury, check out her video on how to incorporate yoga into your field hockey training.

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