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"Can't wait for fitness testing"... said no one ever

Fitness testing. 2 of the most feared words of so many athletes.

Unfortunately testing is one of those things that just has to be done. The upside is that it’s over very quickly. The downside; it creates an unbelievable amount of pain :(

Every team is different when it comes to what sort of testing methods they use. At GB hockey we do three types of physical tests. A straight 40m sprint whereby split times are taken at certain distances. A 30-15 test which is ‘an intermittent fitness test that better replicates the demands of intermittent sports compared to the standard beep test. This test involves 30 seconds of running alternated with 15 seconds of rest.’ It’s horrible. And finally a repeated sprint test. The idea is to sprint 20m, turn and sprint back. Go every 30 seconds, do this 8 times and try and keep your times as quick and consistent as possible. If it sounds easy to you, I suggest you try it and let me know how it goes by commenting below.

I hadn’t tested since Spring 2015 due to having my appendix out so I was curious at what stage I would be at after having the best part of 4 months out of action at the end of last year. I was pleased at how I faired. I managed to get a PB in my straight line 40m sprint and PB in my repeated sprint time meaning the speed sessions and strength based work I’ve been doing in the gym has been working.

Testing has given me confidence that the training and work I’ve been doing is working and is exactly what I need. I’m now looking forward to now getting stuck into a solid couple of months training leading up the Olympic games.

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