Shona McCallin signs with TechPitch
The three-year partnership will see the Olympic gold medallist become the face of TechPitch in the UK
Shona McCallin has signed a three year deal with Dutch company TechPitch to become its official UK ambassador. Shona will support TechPitch in raising the brand awareness of the training product throughout the UK hockey market, which is on a high after the success for Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Originating from one of the world’s most successful hockey nations, TechPitch is an innovative hockey training tool that allows users of all abilities to practice a number of playing techniques. The product utilises the renowned 1.2.3hockey! training method, developed by experienced hockey coach Albert Monpellier. 
The practice involves following printed guide lines on patches of turf that can be produced in various sizes. The lines are drawn in a distinctive pattern that allows players to focus not only on ball and stick dribbling actions, but also footwork that is common place in a competitive match, and freeing players to be able to move 360° in any direction as quickly as possible. Repetitive drills using TechPitch result in these movements becoming autonomous and easier to implement in a match environment.
Having simultaneously studied at Tilburg University and trained at the HC MOP under the leadership of coach Toon Siepman for three years, Shona has a passion for both the Dutch way of playing and the country itself. For TechPitch, this made Shona the perfect ambassador for the UK, as Albert Monpellier explained; “I know Shona personally from when she was in The Netherlands and played for MOP in the Dutch hockey league. 
“You could already see that Shona was focused and engaged on a mission, a young lady with human attitude and a sporting heart! Our company is dynamic and inventive, daring to dive into the future and like Shona, we are on a mission too! We are really excited to show everyone in the UK that they can learn how to play hockey just like Shona.”
As part of the agreement, Shona, who is currently with the England squad in Auckland, New Zealand for the Hockey World League Finals, will use TechPitch for her own personal training. Commenting on the product, Shona said: “I am a massive fan of TechPitch and the simple way it teaches some of the most important fundamentals that are often overlooked.”
The smallest TechPitch roll of 2x2m is easily portable, meaning players can practice anywhere, anytime - something that Shona believes makes it ideal for youngsters learning the game; “I’m not only going to be using TechPitch in my own training, I will also be using it in my coaching and masterclass sessions I hold in local schools and clubs.
 “You can set the small roll up at home on your driveway, garage or any flat surface, so I’d encourage any young player wanting to improve their control and agility to get one and put the hours in running the drills. Those that do will see dramatic improvements to their on-field performance.”
For more information on TechPitch visit or to see a video of the TechPitch in action click here.
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