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Shona partners with Hockey Events UK

Hockey Events UK is delighted to announce a new partnership with Shona McCallin MBE. Both Shona and Hockey Events UK have a shared passion for engaging with young people to help inspire the next generation of hockey players. We are confident we can make a difference and bring international talent to your club.

Hockey Events UK was set up 20 years ago to help clubs with the problems that arise from hosting events. Hockey Events UK work with Clubs to offer a solution of affordability, to offer a solution of masterminding an event and to provide a solution of sourcing a top quality player, paying for the player and hoping you recover the costs.

On the new partnership, Shona added: "It is great to get involved with a small business aiming to bring international players to local clubs. There are many coaching companies around but Hockey Events UK offers a different and unique experience to all it’s participants. I am delighted to be an ambassador and look forward to building this great relationship for many years to come.”

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