Shona becomes the face of TechPitch™ in the UK
Meet the new face of TechPitch in the UK...Me!
I am delighted to become an official Ambassador for TechPitch™ in the UK and cannot wait to spread the word about one of the most innovative training tools to arrive in our game over recent times. Last year I was introduced to the TechPitch™ and started using it soon after. I will be taking it out to coaching sessions and masterclasses at schools and clubs across the UK.
A little about TechPitch™...
TechPitch™ is an innovative hockey training tool that allows players of any ability to practice a number of techniques within a marked area. It is based upon the ‘1.2.3hockey!’ training method which was developed in Holland by leading coach, Albert Monpellier. The lines are drawn in a distinctive pattern to enable you to focus on ball and stick work. It encourages you to focus on footwork that you may require in match situations and enables you to develop your ability to move in any direction at speed.
Why I use it...
Since beginning to use TechPitch™, I have been able to build upon my strong foundation of skills that I already have thanks to the repetitive drills I am able to do in the defined space provided. Had this product been around when I was making my way in the sport, the in-game skills that I have learned and refined over the years would have become second-nature at a much earlier stage.
As an international athlete, I want training tools that I can take with me when I am representing England and GB Hockey, TechPitch™ is exactly that. The 2x2m roll will come with me wherever I go and it is my way of ensuring my fundamentals are continuously being fine tuned. I’d encourage any young player to get one as it gives you the ability to hone your skills at home, at training and even through periods of rehab. It will improve your control, agility and subsequently your on-field performances.  
Perhaps most importantly, I will use TechPitch™ to inspire the next generation of hockey player when I am coaching in local schools or giving masterclasses. Due to its’ simplicity, I can use the TechPitch™ to make the sessions fun and engaging with the underlying message of perfecting techniques through practice.
I’m looking forward to spreading the word as I believe in what this product can do for your game. It’s so simple yet an effective technique training tool making practice possible anytime and anywhere. It’s an integral part of my training and you can make it an integral part of your training too by making use of my promotional code: SHONAMCCALLIN232018 when at the checkout.
For more information on TechPitch™ visit or to see a video of the TechPitch™ in action click here.

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